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We deliver quality non-GMO and regular feed which is locally sourced with no additives or fillers.

Special Notice:

Effective November 2019 – 231 Farms is under new ownership. Healthy Choice Cattle & Feed owner Dave Witteveen has taken over 231 Farms. We will continue to offer the same products and delivering your livestock feed. We look forward to serving each of you.

231 Farms began using non-GMO feed as a result of wanting to raise healthy animals on our farm. All of our animals are fed non-GMO feed and we think it is the wave of the future because of the health benefits. We know exactly what our animals are fed and what they are NOT fed. As a result, we feel much better about what we are eating vs a guess coming from the feedlots where anything goes.

Since we began feeding our non-GMO products friends have been asking for some of the feed and we began to see an opportunity to deliver it. We now offer a full line feed delivery service that has grown out of our own little farm. We deliver non-GMO and regular feed throughout the State of Michigan.

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Free Delivery

We believe that people want to spend the time with their animals and on their farm as opposed to going to the store to haul feed on their day off.  We do all the hauling, lifting and stacking for our customers and they enjoy the luxury of the feed being in the barn when they come home.


It’s quick, easy and hassle-free.

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