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Non-GMO, No Antibiotics

All Natural

Locally Raised



All Natural, Locally Raised Piedmontese Beef

231 Farms feeds all non-GMO feed as a result of wanting to make a healthy herd on our farm. All of our animals are fed non-GMO feed and we think it is the wave of the future because of the health benefits. We know exactly what our animals are fed and what they are NOT fed. As a result, we feel much better about what we are eating vs a guess coming from the feedlots where anything goes.

All of our Piedmontese and Charlois beef is cared for here on our farm in Fremont. The cattle are spoiled with fresh air, clean water, the right minerals, and live the healthiest life of any beef you could buy.

The cattle are born and bred right here so we know them from start to finish. You know exactly what you are getting from birth to butcher.

Why Pidemontese?

With their striking appearance, tender, flavorful meat and amazingly low fat content, Piedmontese cattle are fascinating creatures, quite distinct from other breeds.

Piedmontese cattle have a unique genetic trait which increases muscularity, reduces the fat content while, at the same time, dramatically improves tenderness in the beef. This low fat beef is naturally also lower in calories, higher in protein and contains a higher percentage of “good” Omega fatty acids.


Let’s break it down…

A 1,250lb beef animal will have a total carcass weight of approximately 725lbs or 58%.

From that 725lb carcass, typically customers will get:


Ground & Stew Meat


Roasts & Low Value Steaks


High Value Steaks


Other Meats (heart, tongue, liver)


Weights are approximates. Your total packaged weight can vary.
*Prices subject to change without notice. Weights are approximates. Your total packaged weight can vary.


All our beef is figured the same way, $3.50lb hanging weight aka “on the rail.”


Live animal weighs approximately 1,250lbs when we take him to the butcher.



Handing Weight

The butcher then removes the head, hide, feet, blood and organs to give us the hanging weight of 725lbs (approx. 58% of Live weight)


Then the butcher then cuts the 725lbs into all the cuts of meat. As a result, he trims away bone/ fat and we end up with packaged meat.

The amount of packaged meat for a whole in this example is 435lbs. This is the amount of meat we put in your freezer.

Costs in this example:

Whole beef: $3.50 x 725 = $2,537

Half of beef: $3.50 x 362 = $1,268

Quarter beef: $3.50 x 181 = $633

Processing cost is then added at .50lb plus the $60 kill fee.

What Our Customers Say
“To begin with I am not a big meat lover, but my husband is. Because of some health issues we began checking into different beef suppliers than what we had been using. We are both so happy and satisfied since we began purchasing beef from you. Our freezer is ful of delicious steaks, roasts, stew meat and ground chuck. I have become a burger and steak lover. My husband has lost 40lbs and I feel we are living healthier.”
– Kathy Westbrook

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