Non-GMO Livestock Feed

PET & LIvestock Feed

Know exactly what you are feeding your pets and livestock with our locally sourced, non-GMO and regular feed with no additives or fillers.

We believe that people want to spend the time with their animals and on their farm as opposed to going to the store to haul feed on their day off. We do all the hauling, lifting and stacking for our customers and they enjoy the luxury of the feed being in the barn when they come home. It’s quick, easy and hassle-free.

Single Bag

50lb Bags

Half Skid

20 Bags (1,000lbs)

Full Skid

40 Bags (2,000lbs)

Bulk Tote

Tote (2,000lbs)

Our feed is priced and sold in three ways, by the single bag, by the half skid (20 bags) and by the full skid (40 bags). We do offer totes and bulk upon request.

The 50# bags all have an ingredient label and are stacked in your barn. We like to meet with you the first time we deliver your feed and then after that, call, text, email or holler and we will have it in your barn at your request without you having to be home. We can leave an invoice, mail you an invoice or as many customers do, they leave cash or a check in the barn. How cool is that!

Customer Service & Delivery

We do pride ourselves on Customer Service and honesty. We promise to be upfront and honest in all our dealings and will give you all we have to make you happy with your decision to use our products and services.

We travel the Michigan area and do not have set boundaries for services. We do have to be careful that our truck leaves with a full load to keep feed prices as low as possible. We think “outside the box” and will go the extra mile for you. We do have customers that we meet halfway in order to get them feed. To date, our furthest customers are in Baraga, MI, and we have traveled to Indiana and Ohio.

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